Hi! We are Misoh.

Everyone has the right to a better day to day.
We believe that a more beautiful home helps improve life. That is why we created Misoh, a democratic design store where you'll find form, function, value, sustainability and quality.

Home life

Your home is not just a place, it is a feeling. It is your refuge. It is where you can be more comfortable and safe in the entire universe. For us, understanding home life is the starting point to help you build that shelter.

Strike a balance

For us, good design is the exact combination of form, function, quality, sustainability and a low price. We are always looking for ways to offer products that better and better combine those elements. It is what inspires us to seek new challenges.

Great decoration for everyone

Good design should be within the reach of most people. And it is not that everyone has ostentatious furniture and high prices, but quite the opposite: it is that people can build a better day-to-day with products of great quality, form and function, at a very good price, and sustainable . That is really high end design.