5 ideas to decorate your living room

Furnishing a space in our home is always exciting and inspiring. But sometimes we need them to guide us or inspire us to unleash our needs and get a decoration tailored to our tastes.

For this reason, we have decided to share with you the 5 definitive steps to furnish your living room and leave it to your liking.

You will see that there are 5 ideas to follow to the letter, but that there are 5 steps that everyone should take when decorating their living room and that will help you to dispel your doubts and find the best possible way to furnish your living room .

Let's get started!


Obviously, distribution of the living room is one of the main steps when decorating this space in the house.

It is likely that you still don't know what furniture you are going to buy or how you are going to place it but there are some objects that will be in your living room and it is the first that we have to think about.

First of all, take into account the layout of the room. In other words, the location of the windows, radiators and the proportions of the room will also determine the distribution of furniture and decoration of the room.

TV cabinet, sofa and dining table are the main items that are sure to be in your living room. These objects are the first that you have to think about, because their distribution will determine the rest of the decoration of the room.

More space

There are tricks that help us make our room look bigger than it really is.

If you want to achieve this effect, the first thing you have to do is opt for large furniture. Oddly enough, small furniture will dwarf the living room, while large furniture will give it space.

The same occurs when choosing the floor. Whether it is parquet or tiles, the larger the sheets or squares, the greater feeling of spaciousness you will have.

More light

Another important point that we have to take into account when decorating or furnishing our living room is lighting.

We are not talking about artificial lighting, which of course will also be important. If not, we are referring to how to place the furniture to make the room appear more light and spacious.

We recommend that you decorate your living room with custom furniture placed against the wall or fixed to the ceiling. In this way, the center of your room will be "empty" and more light will enter. Providing a feeling of natural lighting and space.

Avoid placing tall furniture next to the window so that it does not block the natural light that enters through it.


More transit areas

It is very important that among the furniture you leave areas of passage that give spaciousness to your living room.

For example, separate the dining table far enough from the sofa so it doesn't look like you've put all the furniture together.

Remember, less is more. As we have already told you before, decorate your living room with large furniture but don't exceed the quantity. You don't have to pack every space.

Neutral colors

Choosing the color of the walls is key when decorating any room in the house, but when we talk about the living room it is even more important.

Keep in mind that you will surely spend many hours in that room, so opt for neutral colors that you can combine with your furniture and sofa.

Using neutral colors on the walls does not mean that your living room has to be boring. You can combine the neutral of the walls with the striking colors of the sofa, the curtains or the cushions.


Less is more

You've heard this several times before but we never get tire of repeating it, when decorating your living room, remember over and over: "Less is more."

You don't need 100 scented candles, or a magazine rack in every corner, or 2 poufs, or hundreds of books on the shelf...

Take advantage and clean all the things that have already completed their cycle and open a minimalist living room.

By this we do not mean that there should be no decorative elements. Of course yes. We only say that you don't spend too much so that it is not overloaded.

The baroque style is no longer worn!

If you want an advice, take advantage and decorate the room with natural fabrics, they are the latest fashion!

Linen and cotton in a bold color will fit great in your living room.

What do you think of our 5 steps to decorate your living room? How do you organize yourself to decorate a room at home? Leave us a comment by telling us!