Tricks to make your house look cleaner

With all this going on in the world, we have no choice but to stay at home and contribute our grain of sand so that the Coronavirus disappears as soon as possible. We spend many hours at home, in which we laugh, cry, get bored... and we mess up and put back everything in our home.

It is inevitable that spending so much time at home, our house is more "dirty" than normal and although we now have time for cleaning, we still prefer to spend it enjoying a good book, a movie or playing with our children.

For all this, today we share with you some infallible tricks to make your house look cleaner.  With this we don't want you to think that you'll not have to clean. But with these little tips you will make your house look neat and clean every day, without spending 2 hours a day on cleaning.

There are two parts that we can work on that will make our house look cleaner: decoration and order.

How the decoration of our home favors it to appear cleaner

The good side of being at home is that we have so much time that many of us have started to think about redecorating our home. If you are also thinking about it, we recommend that you take this into account when re-decorating your home.

Lines and right angles

It is scientifically proven that our brain associates 90º angles with order and cleanliness.

A room where the furniture forms angles and straight lines will give the feeling of organization and cleanliness. And, in addition, it will give us calm and serenity.


Light colors

Light colors are a decoration classic for many reasons. They brighten the room, help make it appear as if there is more room, and are also great for creating a clean feeling.

Flowers and plants

Plants are a must of any home. They purify the environment, create a feeling of relaxation and are perfect for making our house look cleaner.


Be careful with the light

Light is very important in our home but we have to ensure that it is not a flat light that floods the entire room. Because if so, all the defects of the furniture that we do not want to be seen will appear.

It is vital that we place the lamps strategically so that they create a warm and comfortable environment.

A tidy house is a clean house

Order is directly associated with cleaning our home. A tidy and dust-free room will seem much cleaner than a pristine room but with all the clothes thrown around the corners. There are little things we can do to make our stays appear cleaner and more organized.


Don't pile things up

This is probably the most difficult because human beings have a tendency to pile up and just in case. Learn not to accumulate and throw away everything you don't need.

Tend to minimalism and you will see how your house seems wider, cleaner and tidier.

Firm the cushions

Place the sofa cushions, it costs nothing and it will generate a feeling of well-being. Test it!

Throw the trash

We already know that you are not accumulating bags and garbage bags at home. But sometimes, because of laziness to lower it or because we realize it, we usually store several garbage bags.

This together with having the garbage can in the kitchen ... will create the feeling that your kitchen is sleeve by shoulder.

We have two recommendations for you:

The first is that you try not to accumulate trash bags. When the bucket is full, drop the bag.

And the second is that you incorporate the garbage can into your kitchen cabinet or drawer. Not having the garbage in the middle will help you to have your kitchen more organized.

Hidden dirty clothes

Don't leave dirty clothes piled on chairs or on the bed.

Store it in a basket and you will make your house look cleaner.

You can install a folding basket in one of your furniture or closets and thus you will have dirty clothes hidden and organized.


As you can see, with these little tips, we can have a cleaner and more organized house and take advantage of the free time we now have to enjoy other things much more pleasant.