Tips to organize your bathroom

Every room in our home is designed (or at least should be) to make our daily tasks easier, save time and mainly help us to make sure that everything is in its place. It is very easy to say this when we think of large spaces with places to store everything, rooms that seem to be taken from Pinterest; and the bathroom is no exception.

But let's face it, how many of us really have a movie bathroom in our house where absolutely everything fits and there is even room to dance? Very few!

The bathroom is one of the rooms that is built in a more practical way to save space, but this results in a real problem when trying to fit everything. In the end, you end up with all your watered products on the sink, the shampoo on the floor and the towels hung as curtains.

But having a tidy, clean and even aesthetic bathroom is not an impossible task, read on and discover the best tips to organize your bathroom and make it look incredible without having to rebuild it.


Since it is rare to see “dead” space in bathrooms, it is important that you know how to take advantage of every piece of wall you find.

Not because you cannot place a piece of furniture does not mean that there is no solution, for that there are shelves. Put a narrow shelf next to your sink to put your makeup on, and you can even mount a tall shelf near the shower to accommodate all your folded towels.

Just remember to choose a material that resists moisture in the bathroom.

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Your electrical appliances

A big mistake when organizing your bathroom is not to think about the space occupied by electrical appliances such as the iron, the dryer, the electric rakes, etc.

An ingenious way to solve the problem of where to accommodate them is to glue PVC pipes to the door of the sink cabinet. In this way you only have to "fit" your devices in their respective tube and they will not take away space within the cabinet.

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Drawer organizers

Do you locate all those plastic drawer organizers you see in stores?
You may think that they do not make much sense but the reality is that they can completely change the way you organize the bathroom, and any other room in your house.
Use these small bars for your drawers, your bathroom cabinet, the surface next to the sink and even inside the shower.

Nowadays you can find models of colors and very original materials and you can take advantage of the different sizes and shapes to combine them according to your needs.

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Baskets should be your new best friends to help you organize your bathroom and any other space. Not only do they have a large storage capacity, they also look beautiful and will give a special touch to your bathroom.

You can put everything in your baskets, from towels and dirty clothes to storing your toilet paper rolls. Do not be afraid to experiment with them, if they do not fit on the floor try hanging them on a wall and turning them into new shelves where you can accommodate your everyday products and even magazines.

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These are the most useful tips they find to take advantage of every inch of your bathroom. Although you do not spend as much time in it as in other rooms in your house, it does not mean that when you enter you do not want to see it beautiful and organized.

Follow the tips that best suit your space and discover new ways to optimize space!